Can You Brine A Butterball Turkey? (Answered)

Butterball turkeys are already brined and you need not brine them again. However, you can still brine them again if you want to add some extra flavor.

Let’s discuss that in detail.

Cooking a turkey may not be as easy as it seems and brining them beforehand makes it a whole lot easier. But what is brining and how does that help the turkey?

Brining is one process that can help you get the best out of your turkey. Almost all turkey lovers brine their meat or order already brined meat for a new perfect serving.

Perhaps you have just gotten a Butterball turkey and wondering if you should brine it or not. If this is your situation, this article will help you make that decision.

Brining a turkey is simply the act of soaking the meat in a salt solution for it to absorb moisture. This makes the meat plump, succulent, and tender which is what you need for a good serving.

It can also spice up your Butterball meat. While many prefer to soak the meat in only a salt solution, others add some flavorings to the solution.

In general, the spices are used depending on personal taste while the salt solution remains the same. Apple juice, apple ciders, fresh herbs, garlic cloves, kosher salt, brown sugar, etc are some of the commonly used ingredients.

Some go even further to add corn syrup, maple syrup, and hot pepper to enhance the flavor.

Are Butterball turkeys already brined?

Many brands of Butterball turkeys are actually brined before being released to the market. These meats are treated in a solution of salt and water. In some other cases, other spices and “natural flavors” are added to the meat.

The amount of brine solution used by these companies depends largely on the total weight of the meat.

Brine solutions can make up as much as 5-8% of the total weight of the Butterball turkey.

Sometimes, preservatives can be added to the solutions to preserve the shelf life of the meats. At other times, it’s just to create a distinct flavor that can attract customers’ loyalty.

Should you brine a Butterball Turkey?

If you purchased a Butterball turkey, then there may not be any reason to brine them. Most butterball turkeys are already pre-brined before been released to the market.

You just have to know the brand and make a check if their turkeys are already brined. You can see this from the packaging or by making inquiries online.

Even if a Butterball turkey is brined, the tenderness and taste might not appeal to the end-user thus leading to a need for another round of brining.

You can brine your Butterball turkey to improve its qualities so long you know what you want. But you have to cut down on the amount of salt you intend to use.

How to brine a Butterball Turkey?

As stated earlier, a good brine gives you a deliciously moist turkey in preparation. Salt and water are the major ingredients needed for brining. Others such as flavors and spices can be added.

Before brining, you need to get your Butterball turkey ready. It’s more advisable to purchase fresh meat so you don’t need to thaw but if you have a frozen turkey, you have to get it thawed.

You then need to mix your solution. You should have determined if you want your solution to only contain salt and water or you want to add other flavors. It all depends on you.

Next, stir the solution until all ingredients (including salts) are properly dissolved. Then heat the solution and allow it to cool for some time.

Place the turkey breast down in a container large enough for it. Add the brine solution and ensure it covers all parts of the meat.

Leave there for some time depending on the weight of the meat. It requires about 45 – 60 minutes for a pound of Butterball turkey to be properly brined.

Place in a cool dry place or refrigerator for some time say 9 – 12 hours and then rinse the turkey and dry with a paper towel.

Your Butterball meat is now ready. You can now cook or grill, whichever you desire.


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