When To Eat Dried Figs? ( 6 Things You Should Know)

Eating figs or any other dried fruits have their benefits. However, you should also know when to eat and how much to eat a day to reap the maximum benefit.

So, in this article, you will walk you through the best time and the amount of food that you should eat.

By the end of this article, you will have all your questions answered.

Let’s get started. 


Can You Eat Dried Figs At Night?

You can eat fried figs at night or any other time in a day. However, make sure to stop consuming it at night if you have any problems the next day.

Since some people have made complaints that whenever they eat fruit at night, they get cold, but these don’t happen to everybody, so if you do not experience this, you can eat dried frigs at night. 

Also, as you may know, dried figs can help keep the stomach in good shape. 

So, after eating all the junk during the day, you can eat dried figs at night before bed to keep your stomach healthy. 

In addition to that, dried figs contain high amounts of Vitamin B6 that help to keep the cholesterol levels in the body at bay and enable easy digestion. 

And, figs also help with constipation problems.

Can You Eat Dried Figs On Empty Stomach?

You can eat dried figs on an empty stomach like any other fruit.

In fact, eating figs on an empty stomach is actually a good idea if you are trying to keep away from carbs and focus your consumption more on fiber-rich food. 

Dried figs are so tasty that they can cover up for the food you haven’t eaten, but if you feel it is not enough, there are ways you can induce dried figs into your meals. 

Below are ways you could add dried figs to your meals.

  • You can eat it with any favorite snack of yours, either yogurt or ice cream by adding chopped dried figs. 
  • When baked, dried figs are exceptional. Anything you can bake in the kitchen can be added with chopped dried figs. Trust me, and you would love the combination. 
  • Dried figs can also be added to your oatmeal for breakfast. 
  • Any recipe using dates and dried apricots can be replaced with dried figs to give you more nourishment. 

Can You Eat Dried Figs In Summer?

You can eat dried figs in the summertime. Also, dried figs can be a good alternative in the summer season if you are used to eating fresh figs every day.

Still, you can buy dried figs from supermarkets and store them in your kitchen for daily consumption.

During summer, there is heat, which most times influence the skin, so this is an excellent time to keep your body fresh and consume more fruits. 

A study has shown that most people get cold after consuming dried figs, while others remain normal. 

If you are one of those that gets this cool feeling whenever you take dried figs, you have a significant advantage during summer as you wouldn’t be complaining much about the heat when you have your dried figs beside you. 

Also, summer is a period to be in shape, and if you wish to lose some weight, you should try consuming some dried figs. 

High amounts of folic acid and iron are present in figs, which helps the blood’s health. So yes, you can eat dried figs during summer, there is no harm in doing that. 

What Is The Best Time To Eat Dried Figs?

There is no specific time to eat dried figs. However, mornings are the best time to consume dried fruits to get the proper nutrients to tackle the day ahead. 

You can also eat figs at other times as they will still boost your energy and do not possess any harm.

When it comes to dried fruits, you would hear myths that claim that consuming dry fruits regularly produces fat in the body, well this is not true. 

Even if this is true, this proves that taking dried figs in the morning is the best time because you should have burnt all the fat before the end of the day. 

The following are other times you can eat this fruit.

  • You can eat between breakfast and lunch as a snack (or)
  • You can eat between lunch and dinner. 

How Many Dried Figs Should You Eat A Day?

On average, you can eat four to five dried figs in a day of about 30 grams. 

However, fig contains a lot of fiber, and the body does not need a high amount of fiber. So do not eat a lot of them in a day.

Some people can get bowel issues after consuming such amount, but this also depends on the other food you eat.  

So please do not go overboard with eating too many figs because it is healthy since an excess intake of figs is just going to be wasted in your stools.

Is It Ok To Eat Figs every day?

You can eat figs every day, and many people have a routine of consuming a few dried figs every day in the morning. However, do not eat a lot of figs since too much of anything is not good.

Also, it is exceedingly rare to see someone who can take one thing every day, at some point, you will get tired of it. 

But if you wish to consume figs daily, you should focus on taking a minimal amount. 

I will give you a few reasons why it is good to take figs daily.

  • A dried fig can offer you about 3% of the calcium you need daily.              
  • 20% of the body’s daily fiber requirement is equivalent to 5 grams of fiber, and this can be obtained by consuming three dried figs. 
  • As we all know, iron is necessary for the body as it serves as a carrier of hemoglobin in the body. Fig can provide 2% of the body’s daily iron requirement.

I hope that I have answered all your questions around fig eating timings and the amount of quantity to eat.

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