How To Tell If Scallops Are Wet Or Dry? (Simple Solution)

Not sure whether the scallops are wet or dry? Don’t worry. In this article, you will learn how to differentiate between wet scallops and dry scallops easily.

When looking to purchase scallops at the grocery store, keep an eye out for signs that say “treated” or “soaked”. If a scallop is soaked, it will often be noticeably whiter than its dry counterpart.

Wet scallops will also have a much more translucent appearance than dry ones. Dry scallops are less squishable and firmer to the touch because they are not treated with STP.

If you ask me, I would say to go for dry scallops as the most natural-looking option (as I said, that’s my preference!).

Costco scallop is a great place to purchase dry scallops. For a real treat, try dry diver scallops for an amazing flavor and texture that is unmatched in comparison to their wet counterparts.

There is no need to soak or rinse dry scallops before cooking them as they are already clean!
Just brine and start cooking.

Scallops packed in a airtight plastic bag

Why dry scallops are better than wet scallops?

Below are the reasons why dry scallops are better than wet scallops and how each affects the scallop’s flavor.

  1. Taste – Dry scallops are cooked in a dry heat, meaning that the moisture doesn’t come out of them like wet scallops do. Wet scallops will release more liquid as they cook, which will cause things to get soggy and not taste nearly as good.
  2. Freshness- Dry scallops haven’t had the moisture from the wet scallops added to them. You will know right away when a dry scallop is fresh because it has a strong smell and it will be firm to the touch. The fresher the better!
  3. Moisture – Dry scallops have been dehydrated in a state of vacuum. This means they don’t have that extra moisture added to them and so the flavors are even stronger, more intense and more concentrated. We don’t need to pay for that extra water with dry scallops.
  4. Texture- Wet scallops will become rubbery and chewy when cooked. Dry scallops on the other hand, will stay tough and more easily able to be handled and even sliced into fillets.
  5. Flavor – Dry scallops have a more concentrated, stronger aroma and flavor than wet scallops do because of the dehydration process – resulting in better taste!
  6. Health – Dry scallops are a much higher quality meat than wet scallops because dry scallops do not have any added sodium tripolyphosphate solution and water.

How do you decide between a dry scallop and a wet scallop?

You should buy wet scallops if you are going to be cooking them right away. If you are making a dish that doesn’t require much prep time, then go right ahead and use wet scallops for your meal.

However, you will probably want to go with dry scallops if you are going to be cooking a meal that requires marinating or pre-cooking. This is because dry scallops can hold their aroma and flavor longer than wet scallops.

Are frozen scallops wet or dry?

Frozen scallops are both wet and dry. About 70 percent of the scallops you find in the freezer section are wet, and 30 percent of them are dry.

While regular frozen scallops are always wet, their texture is dull and bland because they have been subjected to extensive washing and rinsing to get rid of all that extra mucus. If you want to save money, just opt for dry frozen scallops instead.

Dry scallops are much more expensive than their wet counterparts, but they have a better texture and taste.

You can also save money by buying dry or fresh frozen scallops from your local fisherman instead of opting for regular frozen options.