What Does A Fig Taste Like?

Figs are delicious. Figs can be the juiciest and sweetest of fruits, depending on different varieties. 

Their dried counterpart is also as tasty and rich as the fresh ones. 

Their succulent smell fancies the sweet, delicate savor they carry. 

Beneath its thin skin, you will find luscious flesh with a variety to suit every taste bud.

This mildly juicy pulp is speckled with tiny edible seeds which provide figs with a unique nutty flavor. 

Figs are sui generis in texture. They do not possess a crisp texture like that of apple or a smooth one like a banana; instead, they have a sticky, chewy texture cut by the seeds’ coarseness. 


What does a fig taste like?

Figs are treasured for their rich sweet flavor.

Figs are sweet, refreshing fruits with a mild chewiness or stickiness that complements their sweetness. 

The taste of a fig fruit can be compared to berries for its sweet taste and tropical kick. 

Irrespective of the place of cultivation and growth set-up, figs have a characteristic figgy flavor like that of resins or molasses mixed in. 

The pulpy and jelly-like flesh has several tiny seeds that further enhance the taste by providing a nutty side to the fruit.

Although figs are known to have a sweet flavor, the sweetness can stretch from a honeyed or candied taste to a mild sweetness.

Some variety of figs even have a somewhat caramel-ish flavor to them. It’s perhaps more in the aftertaste than directly on the tongue. 

Figs are intensely sweet and delicious, rich with fresh flavors. There’s nothing like a fig!

What does dried fig taste like?

Figs and Figs wait for no one! 

Figs are delicate beings, with highly perishable nature and ergo, about 80% of the fresh figs are dried and preserved. 

Although all the fig varieties are available dried, the most common ones are Black Mission, Calimyrna, and Kadota.

Dried figs maintain the flavors initially found in the parent fresh fig fruit except that they are sweeter in taste due to the sugar concentration during drying. 

They are perfectly plump and have a smooth texture. As the figs dry, they become more chewy or sticky, and the flesh develops a jam-like consistency. 

This jam-like flesh is recurrently escorted by crunchy seeds adding a nutty side to every bite. 

The sweet sugary flavor of dried figs is underlined with a mild fruity acidity allowing it to stand alone as a perfect snack to get through the day.

What does a ripe fig taste like?

A fresh ripe fig directly from the tree can be a perfect delight to the buds. 

It is unequivocally flavourful. 

A ripe fig is soft with somewhat juicy flesh. 

Ripe figs have a sweet taste and the sweetness can range from honeyed to mildly sweet.

They also have a mild to intense berries like flavor underlined with musk or vanilla-like punch. 

The fresh seeds cut through the sweetness to provide a crunchy flavor but again with some varieties being nuttier than the others. 

While a fresh fig can be a lavish affair, the fruit must be just perfectly ripe to savor all the flavors that it has to offer. 

Try it, and your life will never be the same again! 

How to make figs taste better?

(Want to make a fig taste better? Just pluck it fresh from the tree and Bon Appetit!)

While a fig is delicious as it is, there’s still you can make them taste better, by roasting the figs or putting them in a broiler. 

This caramelizes the sugar, making the complex flavors of a fig more intense. This can then be a great appetizer when paired with nuts or cocktails.

Also, cooking the figs at high flame can bring out the flavors beautifully, making the figs juicy and tasty, especially if they’re not ready to be eaten right away.

The fresh ripe figs can simply be dehydrated to intensify taste and flavor.

Apart from this, we can also improve the taste of dried figs by boiling them in water or soaking them overnight. 

This makes them plumper and mildly juicy and somewhat reduces the stickiness or chewiness they have.

What do figs taste good with?

Figs can be paired with various dishes and have created their place in uncountable recipes and cuisines. The credit goes to their complex flavors and versatility.

Fresh figs can go well with cheese or vinegar, with the sweetness cutting through the latter’s tanginess. 

They can also be a perfect appetizer when paired with nuts or added to a bowl of granola. Figs pair well with other fruits as well.  

Below are some of the ways figs can be used.

  • Figs can be used in curries or recipes where their sweetness can blend in with the spices like cinnamon or clove or cardamom or different herbs, providing a rich combination of flavors. 
  • Figs can also be roasted with meat or bacon. Figs make a fantastic pizza topping as well. 
  • Figs can be used as a natural sweetener in recipes or can serve as toppings. 
  • Figs can be used to make sweet and spicy chutneys or sauce or preserves.

Do figs taste like dates?

Figs do not taste like dates. While some may find dates to be somewhere near figs but these two certainly have distinct flavors. 

Dates are remarkably sweeter than figs, with almost 30% more sugar content. 

Figs have sweetness with a berry-like taste to it, whereas dates can have a more caramel-like flavor with undertones of chocolate or cinnamon-like flavor. 

Dates have a smooth, creamy texture, unlike figs where the tiny seeds add up to provide it a coarse nutty taste. 

Moreover, while fresh, ripe figs are somewhat juicy and refreshing, but dates, even the fresh ones, are relatively dry and chewier. Nonetheless, both fruits make up a fantastic snack.

What do figs taste similar to?

Figs are widely known to bear a resemblance to berries in their sense of taste.

While the taste of berries can vary a lot, figs can resemble the sweet ones like cranberry and strawberry. 

Also, figs have a mild berry-like flavor, the nutty flavor of a fig amidst its intensely sweet taste can also be said to be a tad like strawberry. 

Figs can also be said to taste like honey with the intense sweetness underlined with a tangy or fruity flavor. 

Dried Figs taste like flavored sugar candies with a similar chewiness and a lingering aftertaste. 

What does fig jam taste like?

Figs jam taste similar to figs with an intensified sweetness while still preserving the characteristic figgy flavor. 

Fig jam can be the perfect and easy answer to all the surplus figs. 

Fig jam has a unique taste that can delight the buds of even those who do not like raw figs. 

The jam has a smooth consistency, and the seeds are not much apparent as well.

The addition of a small amount of vinegar helps preserve it for a longer time while adding more savory flavors. 

Texture can sometimes be coarse as well when figs are added with their skins, but it also helps preserve the jam longer. 

Fig jams make an excellent spread and taste wonder when added to desserts.

What does pruvit fig taste like?

Pruvit’s fig roll-ups taste like a fruit. 

The smell of the powder is sweet, like candy, and it has a light pink color.

As it is mixed with water, it turns to a beautiful pinkish juice, which can be a reminder of the fresh pulp of figs. 

Pruvit fig juice has a sweet taste with hints of the fig flavor along with jelly or jam-like taste. 

It does not have an aftertaste. It can be obsessing, and people are drooling over it.

What does fig leaf taste like?

Fig leaf has a unique flavor of its own. 

While the fig fruit is all sweet and nutty in taste, fig leaves have a mild coconut-like flavored taste.

When the leaves are crushed between fingers, they release a strong smell which just hints towards the intense aromatic flavors they carry. 

When cooked, fig leaves furnish the flavor of coconut, vanilla, and walnut, and it is due to this reason that they are widely used as food wraps while steaming. 

They add a mildly fruity yet distinct aroma to the food. Due to their exotic aromatic flavors, they’ve found a place in various recipes.

What does fig butter taste like?

Would it be enough if I said fig butter tastes heavenly? 

Fig butter can be utterly famous with two varieties. 

The most common fruit butter where figs are cooked for long hours results in a concentrated fig puree, which is further cooked with some spices or additives. 

Fig butter is less sweet than a jam but very tasty. 

The creamy sweetness of the fruit cutting through the flavor of the spices along with some beautiful undertones like that of lemon or sometimes even vanilla. 

The next, relatively less common type is the traditional butter type fig butter, where the fig preserves are mixed with butter. 

Even this way, figs do not fail to impart their signature flavor through the butter’s creamy and salty taste.

Fig butter, both types can be used as a fantastic spread on their own or with combination with other butter or cheese.

What does fig sauce taste like?

Fig sauce tastes sweet, salty, sour and a bit spicy as well.

It can be a perfect blend of flavors. 

The tartness of the sauce balances the sweetness of the fig. You can sometimes even find little fig pieces on your tongue soaked in the flavourful spicy sauce. 

It is a complete savory recipe on its own. The sauce perfectly highlights the rich profile of the figs with the sweet taste coming to the rescue every time. 

The flavor of the spices enhances the creamy sweet taste of figs with undertones of cinnamon or cloves. 

While the sauce cherishes a spectrum of flavors, the profile of each of them may vary according to the amount of characteristic of additions.

What does fig skin taste like?

Fig skin is a velvet-like smooth surface with tiny hairs or freckles on them. Fig skin is usually thin and edible. 

Although it is rich in fiber and other nutrition, it does not have much of a taste. 

It might provide a rough or coarse texture to a fresh bite from a fruit that is not favored by all.

It has a herb-like flavor to it. Generally, early season figs have thin, delicate peels while late season fig skins are thicker and more robust. 

The peels sometimes can cause a burning sensation due to the presence of ficin on the skin, but the problem can be solved by cautiously picking the ripe ones from the tree only. 

What do fig bars taste like?

To be honest, fig bars taste only a little like figs. 

The filling of the bars is made of dried figs, which undoubtedly retains the signature sweetness of the figs with a jam-like or jelly-like paste. 

The filling is gummy and has a nice, fruity aftertaste. The dough or the covering is sweet as well. 

The filling complements the dry outer covering making it taste good altogether. 

Although the bars are not as sweet as fresh figs or the dried ones. Not to forget the nutty side to figs. The bars correctly carry the nutty flavor as well. 

They make a tasty snack on their own.

What do fig preserves taste like?

 Fig preserves taste like a more concentrated and intense form of fig. They taste extremely sweet and mildly fruity or jelly-like. 

Fig preserves are jam-like materials only that they are thicker and chunkier and concentrated. 

Fresh figs are treated or cooked to make a jammy mixture which captures the fig’s original complex flavor. 

Even though fresh figs are used for making preserves, the taste may sometimes vary due to the addition of other flavors. 

Also, the taste may turn mildly sour due to the addition of preservatives sometimes. 

Which fig is the sweetest?

Of the naturally growing varieties, the celeste figs are known to be the sweetest. 

They are also popularly known as the “sugar fig” for their excellent sweet, sugar-like taste. It has a brown to purple skin with red cherry-like flesh. 

This variety can even be grown in a pot at home and is highly resistant to cold and heat. 

Among the laboratory developed ones, the alma variety designed by A&M Texas is the sweetest, it has more sugar or honey-like taste to it. 

It has a golden-brown skin with a yellowish-brown pulp which is rich in honeyed sweetness. 

What is the best tasting fig?

Taste is subjective and personal. 

Each one of us has different demanding buds. But in my opinion, the black mission figs are deserving of the best tasting fig title because of the following reasons.

  • They have a perfect combination of flavors.
  • They are richly sweet with a fruity or berry-like taste. 
  • They keep the figgy flavor intact with the taste of nuts, ideally bursting amongst the figs’ sweetness.

Unlike other varieties like the Calimyrna, which are firmly nutty or the Kadota variety, which is only mildly sweet, mission figs have a taste which can be said merely perfect.

Although, when dried, the Kadota variety can also be delicious, and, besides the black mission, kadotas are also widely preferred for drying and preserving.

What do black mission figs taste like?

Black mission figs are sweet with a mild berry-like taste cut in by a mild crunchy flavor from the seeds. They smell more like watermelon or strawberry. 

While some may find it not extremely exciting but the complex flavors, they carry is undoubtedly something to be cherished. 

They have that characteristic figgy flavor of mixed molasses and resins. 

As the name suggests, black mission figs have a purple-black skin with a fresh, red pulp. 

They have a jammy texture and are widely preferred for drying and preserving. 

In a fresh ripe fig, the seeds are somewhat soft, but when dried, the seeds provide a nuttier flavor to the dried figs, and the flesh becomes chewier.