Can You Freeze Uncooked Beans? (Things You Should Know)

Debates rage on the Internet about whether or not you can freeze uncooked beans. It’s an important question that needs to be answered so that we know whether we should stock up when canned, frozen beans are on sale or just buy fresh.

The answer is yes, you can store uncooked beans in the freezer, and use them to cook your next batch. Uncooked beans can be stored for up to 2 years. There are two ways of freezing uncooked beans: freeze the whole pod, or freeze the individual seeds.

Frozen soy beans in a glass jar

To freeze lentils and split peas, place them in a container like a freezer bag and then seal it tight so that they aren’t able to expand.

This will minimize the surface area that they come into contact with air, which could cause them to ferment. Place the bag in the freezer.

For green split peas, you’ll want a container with a lid, like a mason jar. Put the green beans and your chosen flavorings in the container and cover them tightly with plastic wrap. Then place this in the freezer.

When freezing broad beans, you can check the pod for the brown spots. If they haven’t become black, you can begin with thawing.

To freeze broad beans, take the rounded end of the pod and bend it down around the center until it breaks off.

Place this bean and its string in a freezer bag and then seal it tight to prevent them from expanding. Remember that the string adds some mass so don’t forget about these either.

And when you are planning to use them, you can either defrost the beans in the refrigerator or place them in a large bowl with cold water and then drain the water.

You can then use these beans by adding them to soups, stews, or any other recipe that calls for them.

Now you are clear about freezing uncooked beans, let’s look at some of the frequently asked questions and answers.

Is it safe to freeze beans?

Yes, but you need to know how to thaw them properly and that depends on the type of bean you’re using.

Before you begin with the freezing process, you need to know that some beans such as kidney beans and black beans don’t go soft even after several hours of thawing.

The key when freezing these two types of beans is not to forget about them in the freezer for more than a few weeks or else they will become mushy.

Can you freeze dry beans?

Dry beans that are packed in sealed bags can be frozen. However, make sure to unpack them and store the dry beans in a mason jar or a freezer bag so that they don’t come into contact with oxygen from the air.

Can you freeze beans before cooking?

Well, yes you can. You can cook frozen beans as well, but make sure to do it very carefully and give the beans some time to thaw out completely before attempting to cook them.

To unfreeze cooked garbanzo or pinto beans, remove the amount that is needed and place it in a bowl of ice water for about 30 minutes. After they are completely thawed out, you can cook them with the rest.

Why beans get hard after freezing?

Beans will become hard if they are cooked in their frozen state because the water inside them freezes and turns into ice crystals. Then when you try to cook them, they turn hard, making it very difficult to chew on them.

What is the best way to cook frozen beans?

To cook them, you can either use a microwave or stove. If you use the microwave, boil water and pour it over the beans.

If you use the stove, add water to a saucepan and then place it in a steamer basket before placing your beans into it. Then cook for about 15 minutes or until tender.

When cooking using a hob, make sure that the pan is covered with a lid to prevent too much evaporation of liquid from occurring.

Can you freeze boiled beans?

Yes. If you’re freezing your boiled beans for use, later on, cool them down completely before placing them in a freezer bag or container.

It is also important not to pack them too tightly, as this will prevent the flavor from being able to spread out properly.

How long do you freeze beans?

You can store dry beans in the freezer for up to 1 year, but they will lose their nutritional value after that. Frozen beans are recommended to be used within 3 to 6 months from the date of freezing.

If you cook and freeze them at once, they should be used within 6 to 12 months from that date.